The Ozpig is great for caravans

OzPig Caravans

As with campers, if you are a big fan of caravanning, you will love the simplicity and practicality of the Ozpig. It is easy to stow and tow, and will complete your home away from home by keeping you warm at night and allow you to slowly simmer delicious dinners throughout the day! Extend your outdoor entertaining whilst traveling in the cooler months and really enjoy the scenery you are stopping for along the way. It’s so much better than huddling up inside to stay warm!

The Ozpig team has also developed an offset chimney kit specifically for travellers who have an annex as part of their caravan set-up. This provides a ‘dog-leg’ piece and two additional straight lengths of flue in order to allow the main unit to fit in under the canvas/tarpaulin, whilst the smoke is carried up and well away from the immediate area. Caravan parks love the Ozpig as the chimney is fitted with a spark arrestor to reduce the risk of escaping ash. Also, as the barrel is raised off the ground and is fitted with a solid bottom, it prevents hot ashes or coals dropping to the ground beneath. There are so many bonuses to owning an Ozpig – you’ll find it hard to keep them to yourself!

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